About Us


Our Mission

The Rescue Team is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that provides funds and resources for shelter animals and feral cat communities in Los Angeles. Our primary focus is on animals at risk of being euthanized in city and county shelters, including underage kittens and puppies and animals with health needs. Our immediate goal is to place at-risk animals into foster homes until they are able to be adopted into loving homes. While fostering is an immediate goal, we are also focused on adoptions, partnering with shelters and communities and helping with the feral cat colonies. While achieving our goals, we want to share every step of our journey.


 * Transparency

 * Honesty – no fluff (except on the kittens)

 * Realistic and organic growth – change lives, one animal at a time

 * Partnership and collaboration with city and county shelters and other rescue groups

 * Focusing on the animals most in need


Provide supplies and support to individuals willing to foster cats and dogs through the city or county shelter system.

Support the trapping, spaying and neutering of feral cats to help reduce the number of homeless cats.

Provide funding to treat animals in the city and county shelter systems who have medical conditions.

Partner with other rescue groups in order to “network” animals in foster homes and in the shelter to facilitate adoption.

Establish “pull rights” at the Los Angeles city and county shelter system.

Educate the community about the importance of spaying and neutering animals and about the plight of shelter animals.