How You Can Help

As the saying goes...

ADOPT - There are six Los Angeles County shelters and countless other shelters and rescue organizations. If you or someone you know is looking for a new member of the family, visit one and adopt today!

FOSTER - Many baby animals are brought into the shelter each year - especially in the summer months also known as "kitten season." These babies need fosters to bring them in, feed them and help them grow. Also, adult animals are also in need of foster families. The animal shelter is a stressful place for a lot of dogs and cats. If you can just temporarily foster an adult animal, it can really make all the difference. We foster through the Los Angeles Animal Service and you can find the application here. Our goal is to help people who foster through the shelter system with the day-to-day necessities (food, litter, etc.) and any emergency vet costs.

SPONSOR - If there is a specific animal you're interested in helping, sponsor them!

VOLUNTEER - Your local shelter is always glad to have volunteers. Even if it's just an hour a month, it's still helpful.

DONATE - Our organization was created to help people who foster through the Los Angeles shelter system. We need donations to help cover the cost of the day-to-day supplies and also any emergency medical costs that come up.

EDUCATE - Animals shelters are overrun with animals. The reason - spaying/neutering and pets that are unchipped. If the only thing you're able to do is keep that nugget in your back pocket and tell people when the opportunity arises, it'll be a big help.