Meet Jenna

Jenna Shiner

By day, I work as a Licensing Manager at Disney Consumer Products, but in my free time I love to volunteer and foster LA's shelter animals. I adopted my dog (Tucker) from the North Central Animal Shelter and my cat (Betty) from the West LA shelter after she was a foster failure. I've been volunteering at the West LA shelter for almost 5 years, and have fostered kittens ever since I can remember. Seeing what happens in the animal shelters on a daily basis has taught me a lot about the shelter system and what needs to be done to fix it. There are pros and cons, but over the years I've realized that we need a rescue that supports the shelter system, in addition to just pulling animals out of it. I've fostered over 30 kittens, and when one of them was euthanized over a sickness because of a clerical error, I knew something had to be done to keep my fosters protected. I've always had a dream of opening an animal rescue, and when the opportunity came along, I jumped on it. Now that we have established The Rescue Team, I am so excited to help the shelter animals of Los Angeles and promote responsible animal rescue from here on out!